10 Ways You Insult Your Personal Trainer Without Realizing It

Personal trainer with her client at the gymWhen you're working with a personal trainer, you often develop a friendly relationship with them. You see them when you're in a vulnerable state, they're working with you to improve areas of your life you may feel self-conscious about, and let's face it -- if you're going to be meeting at some horrendously early hour of the morning, you want them to be someone you don't hate being around. 


As a personal trainer, I can tell you we feel the same way. I've become friends with clients, and when your job is to push someone just past their comfort zone, it definitely helps -- it's maybe even essential -- to have a great rapport.

That's why it's such a slap in the face when a client says something rude or inappropriate. Make sure you don't offend your trainer by checking out these 10 things NEVER to say to your personal trainer -- your jaw will hit the floor when you read number five!!

Have you ever made one of these goofs?

Image via LajosRepasi/iStock

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