Men Asked to Draw Female Anatomy Produce Horrifying & Hilarious Results (VIDEO)

drawing with blue pencilCould you use a time-out from the hustle and bustle of the holidays? If the stress of the season has you down, and you could use a chuckle, have we got the perfect viral video for you! asked men to draw vaginas, and the results were, well, definitely eye-opening, all sorts of cringe-worthy, hilarious, but also a bit horrifying.



A couple of final drafts for your viewing pleasure:

vagina drawing by a man

Eep... What in the world?!

vagina drawing by a man

Oof. Nice ... er, try?

To see how they came to these interesting conclusions about lady parts, here are the guys in action ...

Okay, you might argue that we can't expect any ol' guy on the street to deliver a totally medically-accurate depiction of the entire female reproductive system ...

But at the same time, these awkward renderings are a bit frightening, right? Looks like a bit of a basic human anatomy lesson would be helpful for most of these men. Especially if any of them think they're qualified to make a call about women's reproductive health. (Just sayin'!)

Also, let's take this as a reminder that it pays to fully understand what our vajayjays look like -- cuz apparently, we cannot count on the opposite sex for that! Ha!

What do you think about these drawings?


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