14 Sneaky, Everyday Things That Throw Women Off Their Diets (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Dec 23, 2014 Healthy Living

woman angry with scaleCookies, egg nog lattes, Netflix binges ... This season is brimming with pleasures that could throw even the most self-disciplined weight watcher off track! But the fact is, no matter what day of the year it is, we all have a weakness or have experienced a personal challenge that thwarted even our most genuine efforts to eat right and exercise.

We asked 14 women to divulge exactly what has thrown them off course in the past. Check out their super-honest responses below, then tell us: What has caused you to fall off track with your diet and fitness plan in the past? How did you (or are you planning to) get back on the saddle?

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  • Pregnancy


    "I was always so good with eating habits and keeping active. Though I'm still active, my [healthy] eating has fallen off a bit since getting pregnant. I don't have a taste for these big beautiful salads I make. All I want are Philly pretzels, cheesesteaks, and bread. I'm not depriving myself, but not completely caving to my cravings. I'm still making sure all my meals are nutritious! Just taking it one day at a time." -Steph J., Philadelphia, PA

  • Getting a Ring on It


    "I was doing really good before I got engaged, but afterwards, I just got lazy and felt I had no one to impress." -Brianna B., Woodland Park, CO

  • An Injury


    "I hurt my foot summer 2013, and it totally threw me off. It took months of recovery time, and then I just didn't have the energy to get back into working out. The worst part was that the one foot started to heal, but then I developed tendonitis in the OTHER foot from favoring it ... which took even longer to heal." -Jeanne S., Callicoon Center, NY

  • Jealousy


    "Honestly, it was watching my husband lose twice as much, doing half the work. I was rockin' the meal plans, staying hydrated, eating clean, working hard 6 days a week in the gym. Lost nothing. In 5 months, I lost nothing. He cycles 5 miles and cuts down a bit on the fries and loses 40 pounds in 2 months. I got disgusted and quit." - Leissa, TX

  • The Wrong Job


    "Stress and depression caused by my job." -Melody H., TX

  • That Darn Sweet Tooth


    "To be honest, I'm an emotional eater. While I still exercise, I have a hard time watching what I eat. I have a big sweet tooth, which I give in to way too easily." -Alexis M., Winnemucca, NV

  • Weight Gain


    "I went on a diet and exercised and gained weight instead! WTF, body?" -Anonymous

  • Having a Baby


    "Having a 5-month-old throws me off! Some days, he is just so moody that I can't put him down. He is teething now, as well, so sometimes it's a 3-day stretch that he just wants to be cuddled, [which] makes squeezing time in for a workout a little harder than I'd like. Also, on our hectic days, I find myself eating like crap because it's easier. I just work out extra hard in the following days, or find ways to include him in the workout -- like squats or situps or thigh lifts while I hold him." -Rachael C., Royersford, PA

  • The Holiday Season


    "The holiday season as a whole, starting with Halloween and ending with Christmas! That's pretty much considered the 'diet-less' zone of every year for me." -Carlyn D., Slidell, LA

  • Getting a Degree


    "Believe it or not, going back to college to finish my degree in ... wait for it ... nutrition! Yep. Between homeschooling my teens, studying, papers, and running the house, my diet has gotten worse and worse. And I haven't worked out since June. ... I graduate in April. Can't wait!" -Sami B., NC

  • A New Job


    "All of the energy that is invested in starting a new job unfortunately gets taken away from other areas, like that great routine that you had of taking long walks after dinner each night." -Hanni N., Erie, PA

  • Being Jet-Set


    "Travel, [which] we've done a lot this year. Yeah -- bring your running shoes! Well, I do, but I rarely have time to actually work out! Most of my travel is NOT a vacation, so all my time is taken up with whatever reason I have to be traveling." -Theresa M., Bellevue, WA

  • Cold Weather


    "Cold weather in general makes me want to stay indoors and bake! Recipe for disaster! [But] my husband and I have been together 11 years, and I am going to his home in Mexico for the first time next month. This has totally gotten me back on track. I really want to feel good about myself when I get there, and I want him to be proud of me too. He is sweet and says I look fine, but I know what a difference those few pounds can make." -Ashley C., Johnson City, TN

  • Past Successes & Failures


    "I was heavy, lost a TON of weight and was even too skinny, but I was a good size for years. Went from 5'6" and 212, down to 115 then due to medications I was on, I gained 80 of the 97 lost back, and after kids, gained an additional 20. For me, it is mental. I have success, and I think I am finally gonna lose, and I screw myself up one time and give up. It's easier to stay fat than it is to bounce down and back up. I have never had body pride at all, but fluctuating by 100 pounds isn't easy physically or mentally." -Unis, CO

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