10 Most Unrealistic, Unattainable Abs Photos on Pinterest (PHOTOS)

woman with toned abs

We've all seen the pictures of incredibly toned, defined abs on Pinterest. Whether they motivate you to get to the gym, or just make you feel bad about yourself, there are a few things you should know about just how realistic it is to believe the hype about getting those six-pack abs.



There are obviously women out there who have amazingly toned abs (otherwise, how would there be so many pictures on Pinterest, right?), but that doesn't mean they are attainable for everyone. If you look at a photo of a six-foot tall model, size zero, with legs for days, and cheekbones that could carve ice, do you automatically assume you could have those physical features if you just try a little harder? Of course not!

So, take a deep breath, stop comparing yourself to fitness models' torsos, and check out these tips on how you can make the most of YOUR midsection.

Do you have any of these misleading pins on your board?

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