10 No-Fail Ways to Silence a Dry Winter Cough

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Everything about this time of year is merry and bright, right? Except that it's almost winter, and with several more months of cold weather on the way, we're almost constantly breathing in bone dry, low humidity air -- of the warm variety indoors and frigid kind outside. Not only is it hard on skin, but it's often the culprit behind a hacking cough or scratchy throat. Looking for a cure, or at least a way to fight back this winter?



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When winter comes, the only thing we all want is some relief from coughs and wheezing. But sometimes the dry air makes it impossible to fight back when a cough has us in its grip. We spoke with a doctor who gave us the 411 for dealing with winter sickness. "It is important for our airway passages, from the nose and mouth all the way into the lungs, to be moist at all times," explains Aaron Michelfelder, MD, family and integrative medicine physician at Loyola University Health System in Maywood, Illinois. "When the air is too dry, it irritates the mucous membranes and can cause cough or sore throat." 

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The good news is that several simple measures can offer soothing relief. 

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