10 Reasons You Can't Get Rid of Your Cold

woman blowing nose at her deskTry as we might to stay healthy with vitamins, eating right, getting enough ZZZs, etc., it seems like there comes a time every year when we simply cannot avoid coming down with a nasty, stubborn cold! After the first few days of misery, you may find yourself wondering if you're EVER going to get well.


The unfortunate fact of the matter is that a cold can last up to a week and symptoms (like congestion) can persist for as many as two weeks! 

That said, there are certain moves you may be making -- even some you may think are helpful! -- that are causing your cold to linger. We rounded up 10 of the most common mistakes that prolong a cold.

cold and flu


Check them out below, then tell us: What have you found helps when you have a cold that won't seem to go away?


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