10 Crazy Myths About Women Who Aren't Moms (PHOTOS)

new mom with her friend and newbornFrom "tiger mom" to "helicopter parent," women with kids aren't the only ones subject to a gazillion goofy, likely off-base labels they never saw coming. Flippant assumptions and cliches about women who don't have kids are all too pervasive, as well.


So much so that even if one mom counts a non-mom among one of her closest friends, she still might buy into or joke about some of these wacky stereotypes.

We gathered 10 of the most common myths about would-be and non-moms. Let's clear 'em up, shall we?

1. If you're not a mom, your reaction to a stinky diaper is obviously straight-up revulsion.


2. Women without kids have no idea what's coming. They need to hear "just wait 'til you have kids ..." constantly to be reminded that having a child is not all rainbows and butterflies.


3. Non-parents are all about themselves. They're all "ME ME ME!" No one else. Super-selfish. Clearly.

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4. Non-moms blow all their hard-earned cash on useless things like designer shoes!

5. Non-moms call themselves "pet moms" and consider their dogs or cats their "kids."

6. Women without kids don't have to worry about getting child care, so they party like they're rock stars pretty much 24/7.

7. Or they're luxuriating in a bathtub, sipping wine, reading any book they want, and seeing every new, buzzworthy flick as soon as it's in theaters.

8. Oh, let's not forget: Non-moms' sex lives are like the Kama Sutra meets Cosmo meets the hottest porn ever all in one.

9. But at the same time, they're terribly sad and lonely. Because, you know, no kids!

10. Still, they have it SO easy! Lucky ducks.

Admit it: Do you believe -- or perpetuate -- any of these myths?

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