Rare Condition Causes Woman's Breasts to Expand to Size 36NNN (PHOTO)

bra cameraIf you were suffering from migraines and shooting chest pain, probably one of the last places you'd think to check would be your breasts, right? But it turns out that for Kerisha Mark, 40, of Beaumont, Texas, her ample bosom was the source of the many excruciating symptoms that often sent her to the ER. 

While they'd always been on the larger side, by her late 30s, Mark's breasts had expanded to size 36NNN due to a rare hormonal condition known as gigantomastia, which is diagnosed when a person's breast weight exceeds 3 percent of her body weight.

I can't even imagine how uncomfortable she must have been, can you?


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breast reduction

While some women go under the knife to enhance their bust line, Marks did just the opposite. As a 40th birthday present to herself, she had elective breast reduction surgery and had 15 pounds of breast tissue removed. She still has a full DD cup.

But for the high school social worker, less is definitely more. In addition to her chronic discomfort, Mark's chest impacted her quality of life in other ways. She told The Washington Post

I could not run or jump or work out at all. I was very limited in a lot of things I could do. I mean, you can't find a sports bra that size anyway.

Women and men want to touch them to see if they are real. It's real intimidating.

After having children and breastfeeding, many moms find themselves with larger breasts than ever before. For some, the change is welcome, while others, including a few moms I know, suffer from chronic back pain and grow tired of the constant stares from strangers. 

A friend of mine, whose bra size increased dramatically after having her second child, loves to quote that Seinfeld episode by muttering at onlookers, "They're real and they're spectacular!" But she does confide that she misses the way her clothing used to fit -- especially tank tops and swimsuits. 

Following the procedure, Marks was looking forward to buying a new bra and a strapless dress. We're sure she'll look and feel beautiful! 

Would you consider breast reduction surgery if you experienced similar symptoms? 

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