Predict the Day You'll Die -- If You Dare!

woman at graveyardWhat if you could find out when you'll die -- down to the hour? Would you want to know, or would you rather let it be a surprise? There's a new tool claiming it can predict the time and date of your death -- barring any freak accidents, of course. And while there's no real way for us to test how accurate it is (not today, anyway!), we're practically dying of curiosity. So I gave it a try this morning. I dared to stare into the crystal ball of mortality. And I have to admit, what I saw made me yelp, "WHAT?!?" out loud.


We're talking about the iOS app Deadline, and the way it works is pretty simple. You enter information like your birth date, height, weight, how much you travel by car, drinking and smoking habits, stress level, and your diet.

Alternatively you can sync Deadline with your iHealth app, which adds other factors like your heart rate and your blood pressure, if you've updated it with those vitals.

And ta-dah! Just like that, Deadline tells you how old you'll be when you die. In fact, it shows you a countdown clock so you can watch the seconds of your life slip away in real time. Yikes!

According to its description, Deadline is supposed to be "a way to motivate yourself to be healthier." Yeah ... that's totally what I think when I see the app's logo of a black crow lying on its back, feet in the air. I'm feeling you, Deadline! I'm so feeling you there.

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So what's my death date? Deadline says I'll live to 83.

Just 83?!?

Excuse me, Deadline, but perhaps you misunderstood me when I entered my data. It's me, Adriana. I eat healthy, exercise regularly, don't smoke, drink moderately, rarely ride in cars ... sure my parents have health issues, but they're mostly lifestyle related. What gives -- did I not provide you with enough convincing data?

Not to be greedy or anything, but my maternal grandmother is 96 and counting. Not to mention, according to the US Social Security calculator, a woman my age is expected to live to 85.

Then again, when I think about it, do I really want to live past 83? My 96-year-old grandmother is extraordinary, but she's often ill and in constant pain and discomfort for a myriad of reasons. Is it really about living a long life, or is it about maintaining your health for as long as possible? If I had to choose between dying youngish but in great health, or dying very old but in poor health, which would I choose? And if I had the chance, would I really want to know the date I'll die? Would it make me live my life differently?

For a health-motivating app, Deadline can force you to ask yourself some deep questions about life.

But mostly you're supposed to link it up with things like your Nike Fuel band and track how many calories you burn every day, how many steps you take, that sort of thing. Oh my God, people. "Staying healthy" is such a freakin' hassle in this modern age!

If you're really worried about dying before your time for health reasons, though, this app might be just the wake-up call you need.

Do you dare find out how much longer you have to live?


Image © Scott Stulberg/Corbis

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