Gwyneth Paltrow Finally Learns to Live a Little, Eat Pizza & Drink -- Gasp!

gwyneth paltrow As we all know and roll our eyes over on the regular, Gwyneth Paltrow isn't just an actress. In the past few years, she's made it her mission to be a professional health nut, doling out wellness advice on her GOOP website about radical cleansing and even relationships ("conscious uncoupling!"). She's an outspoken, strict vegan. She works out with celeb personal trainer Tracey Anderson, who is notorious for her rigid regimens and staunch opinions on women using pregnancy as an excuse to get fat. So what in the world is she doing drinking a daily glass of wine, eating pizza, and smoking the occasional cigarette?!

Oh, apparently, these "pleasures" are a part of the new, improved Gwynnie who, it seems, in the wake of her split from husband Chris Martin, has gotten real!


In her latest GOOP blog post, Gwyn confesses:

Those of you who have read Goop for a long time know that we try to do well by our bodies, our kids, and the environment as much as possible, but we make allowances for real life, too. Not only is any concept of "perfection" untenable (and maddening), but it's not so enjoyable, either. Pizza, a cigarette at a party, a perfect martini, a daily glass of red ... these aren’t "cheats" or "indulgences"—these are just moments that can make a week more pleasurable, a night out with friends more fun.

Whaaat?! Sounds like a massive change of heart, no?

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Surely, one of the issues Gwyneth has struggled with is trying to keep a "perfect," uber-clean health regimen. It's hard to begrudge her for just trying to "do well" by her body and her kids. But as she mentions, it's simply not realistic, and it can be extremely stressful to try to adhere to strict diet and lifestyle rules -- which isn't doing our bodies or kids any favors!

As she boiled it down, it's not all or nothing:

We like to have the information we need to make our own choices. Sometimes those decisions revolve around fueling our bodies with super-clean, almost monastic meals; sometimes those decisions revolve around a grilled cheese and fries. But, really it’s about choice. It’s about controlling our destiny.

Love that.

While we could all do without cigarettes, eating pizza, and drinking alcohol, they shouldn't be considered "cheats." We shouldn't be guilting ourselves over everyday moments to enjoy something delicious and, as she points out, pleasurable. We all deserve to live a little, right?

Everything in moderation! Can't believe Gwynnie finally gets it. We can all breathe a sigh of relief if we feel like we're not keeping up with Hollywood's health cop -- now that we know that even she lets her hair down sometimes too!

How do you feel about Gwyneth's new philosophy? Do you consider things like pizza and drinking "cheats" or just part of keeping life pleasurable?


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