Newlywed Who Planned to Die Nov. 1 Has Changed Her Mind (VIDEO)

brittany maynard wedding photoA young newlywed named Brittany Maynard, who has terminal brain cancer, has been making headlines this month after going public with her decision to end her life. Her decision has been one praised by many, as it's a moving example of "death with dignity." In fact, Brittany moved from California to Oregon because the Northwestern state is home to the Death With Dignity Act. The law allows doctors to give a prescription to end a terminally ill patient's life with a pill if their dying process becomes too painful, and they'd prefer to pass away gently and peacefully with their loved ones by their side.

But in the most recent turn of events, Brittany has released a video via the advocacy group Compassion & Choices, reflecting on her decision and explaining that November 1 -- two days after her husband's birthday, which is today -- may not be the day she passes.

Here's what she had to say -- but definitely grab the tissues (if you haven't already!).


Brittany has become the poster girl for death with dignity, and it would be amazing if her story would influence the future of health care and allow those in her position the same rights she now has because she lives in Oregon.

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On the other hand, her update reminds us that she's also a young woman, wife, daughter, and individual who deserves to be calling her own shots. Choosing to weigh how she feels and what she wants to do from day to day is her choice. As she wakes up every morning unsure whether the day will bring laughter and love with her family or a trip to the ER, the ball is in her court. No one else's. And certainly not the government's or the public's.

That's how it needs to remain.

Our thoughts are with her as she keeps her head up and takes on this unfathomably challenging struggle. No matter what she chooses and how her story progresses, may she find peace.

What do you think about Brittany's latest move?

Image via Brittany Maynard Fund

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