Now You Can SEE Exactly How Drinking Will Destroy Your Face

friends drinking at a partyFrom hurting a person's relationships to damaging their health (both physical and mental), alcoholism takes various tolls. But one of the most apparent negative effects is the one it can take on your face. Not buying it? Well, now you can see just how much havoc booze can wreak on your visage thanks to a website called Rehabs.

The site developed an app called, "Your Face as an Alcoholic," that allows you to upload your photo to see how heavy drinking would alter your face over the course of 20 years.


Surely, there are a bevy of ways to scare people off of hitting the bottle, but pointing out how it can lead to broken capillaries, a bloated face, reddened complexion, etc. is definitely shock-inducing. And the goal!

The spokesperson for the site explained to MailOnline, "The purpose of the program is to create a shock factor for users, preying on the vanity, in hopes that the very ugly future of their actions will incite behavioral change."

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Sure, it may be superficial, shallow, you name it, to worry more about how your face is going to look than anything else. But the fact of the matter is that the way we look outside -- especially how our skin looks -- often reflects our wellness inside.

In the case of alcoholism, drinking acts as a diuretic, leading to dehydration, which of course strips moisture from the skin. Alcohol also cuts into our stores of vitamin C and A, so the skin has a harder time putting up with environmental causes of aging, like sun exposure and pollution.

No one would voluntarily say, "Yes, sign me up!" for that to happen to them, but it is of course one of many reasons to seek help and support if you are suffering from alcoholism. Or even a case for any woman to keep her weekend (or okay, occasional weeknight) wine fix to a minimum. 

Does the effect of alcohol on your appearance freak you out enough to dial down how much you drink?

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