Drunk-Driving Woman Drives Herself Straight to Jail by Accident

drunk driverSome mistakes are almost meant to be. Take this 39-year-old drunk woman who mistook jail for a bar. She pulled right up to the Van Buren County Jail in Michigan at 2 a.m. expecting to pick up her boyfriend and carry on the evening's festivities. When police found her there, they gave her a breathalyzer test and oh my ... well, let's just say she was definitely at the right place at the right time.


Police say the woman's blood alcohol level was more than twice the 0.08 percent considered legally drunk in Michigan.

The woman faces drunk driving charges -- obviously. You know you've had too much to drink when you mistake the county jail for a bar! Reports don't say how close the jail was to whatever bar she was trying to reach -- nor how much they look alike. But come on. What kind of bar looks like a state building?!?

It almost makes you wonder if maybe her mistake was a subconscious way of getting help. If the blood alcohol test was accurate, it sound like she was a danger to herself and everyone else on the road. And she just happened to end up at the one place where she was guaranteed to be stopped.

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Bars don't ordinarily make a habit of following customers out to the parking lot and making sure you don't get into your car.

Or maybe it was fate. But if the universe really worked that way, every drunk driver would be pulled by a magnet to police stations. If only! But every once in a while, we get lucky. Or, like I said, maybe there was something in her that knew where she belonged, and it pulled her there. I hope she sees it as the strange, miraculous intervention she needs.

Do you think your mistakes are not so accidental sometimes?


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