I Think I Might Be Psychic -- Or Maybe I'm Just Nuts?

baby crystal ball, signs i might be psychicI've always had another sense.

Call it a sixth sense or ESP or whatever, but ever since I was a little girl, I've just known I was picking up some other vibrations ... and they weren't always good ones. 

At one point, I started what I called channeling, for lack of a better word. I was convinced I could feel spirits enter my room and then try to "merge" with me. It used to terrify me. I started hanging crosses around my room and praying that these presences would leave me alone.


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Finally, I shared what I thought was happening with my mom, and bless her for not carting me off to the loony bin. In fact, she was very supportive and I think helped me decorate my room with even more amulets and other protective charms.

Eventually, however, I started to question myself. Even though there were many more signs that I could have psychic ability, to just come out and say "I'm psychic" is a big leap all the same.

As a result, I've always been hesitant to label myself anything other than highly intuitive. But what if I am? Could I be psychic for real?

Well, interestingly, almost as soon as I started to ask myself that question for about the 4,000th time recently, a new book by a well-known medium named Carole Lynne came across my desk: Are You Psychic or Making It Up? Understand and Manage Your Psychic Self and Your Loved Ones Who Think You May Be Losing It.

OMG ... the book I had been waiting for had finally been written, and as it turned out, the author said she wrote it for that same reason -- a wish that she'd had a book like this to turn to at one point in the discovery of her "gifts." How do I know this? No, it wasn't a psychic hit ... I tracked her down.  

Finally, someone who could help me make sense of things!

Now before I go any further here, I should mention that it's not like I haven't already been looking for answers for years. Au contraire. I have visited many psychics; I'm completely fascinated by astrology (I'm a Pisces, which is supposedly one of the most psychic of signs); I have worked with gem stones; I have studied and read countless books about past lives, after lives, etc.; and I meditate twice a day. My brother has always called this my "earthy crunchy" side, but I assure you, I'm the furthest thing from a hippie. To me, this just all came naturally. It was like I didn't seek it out, it found me.

But none of these things make me a psychic. 

Still, I couldn't quash the deeper sense that there was something else going on here. So it was with extreme eagerness that I hopped on the phone to have a conversation with Lynne -- a renowned medium who is respected in the psychic community as the "real deal."

To begin with, I asked her to define psychic. This is a very important part of the equation, since most people tend to think crystal ball and future foretelling abilities when they hear that word. Lynne said it's an umbrella label used to describe people who do sacred work as they receive messages of guidance from the higher realms of spirit and messages from loved ones who have passed on.

She also says that the public generally confuses psychics and mediums. The former connects with a higher realm of guidance to bring advice, and the latter connects with the spirits of those who have died (though some are both). 

Okay, so by that definition alone, it would seem I have had psychic experiences. But is that enough to call myself psychic?

Well, looks like I may not be nuts after all (phew, that's a relief). She said it's entirely possible that I can sense spirits and they can sense my ability to know they're there. As a result, they might then try to figure out how to "blend" with me in order to come into this realm.

In Lynne's experience, there are more women and girls with psychic ability than men and boys and there is often a lineage component (turns out my grandmother may have also been quite psychic, I found out years after she had passed on). Boom. So there are two more indicators.

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Additionally, I'm a serious migraine sufferer, and there has been some indication that many psychics have horrible headaches or migraine issues (I've had them since I was 9 years old). I am also ambidextrous, and though Lynne wasn't sure about this one, I've read in a couple books that many psychics are equally adept with their left and right hands

Then there is the creative connection. Many psychics are reportedly highly skilled artists. As a professional dancer, singer, actress, writer, and occasional visual artist, I've got that covered too. Lynne says artists go into a frame of mind when they're creating that is much like a psychic state.

And then there's the fact that while traveling for my artistic work over the years, I have had more than one encounter with an otherworldly presence. Lynne doesn't like to use the word "ghost" because it causes sensationalized fear instead of acceptance but ... well, you know what I'm talking about here.

I once had something I felt was "bad" violently shake my bed in a hotel in Des Moines and later found out there had been a murder there years before. Another time, I watched a Diet Coke can float across my room in a hotel in Florida (I asked for a room change that trip ... didn't need to spend six weeks sharing my space with something that was into stealing my soft drinks). And I encountered an invisible trickster in Utah who would open the elevator doors before I got there and would press all the buttons (just because I think it knew I could tell it was there). I'm not making these things up.

Lynne says sensing and having encounters with spirits can be a sign of someone who has mediumistic gifts, especially if they have had more than one experience.

Oh, and did I mention I see repeated numbers ALL. DAY. LONG? Seriously, like 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, and so on, without even trying. This is another way spirits try to get your attention, according to Lynne. Repetition of numbers or other things -- like the same random song playing everywhere you go -- could be evidence of a spirit trying to send you a message or your psychic self giving you a nudge. Pay attention to coincidences, because in all likelihood, they're not coincidences at all.

Finally, there is the electronic thing, as in I blow sh*t up. For real. I'm like "Carrie" of Firestarter but with electronics. Watches will not stay alive on me. I've melted down smartphones in my hand. After one bad breakup, I literally toasted my DVR, printer, phone, bedside clock, and other things during the weeks that followed. Oh, and lights sometimes blow out as I walk by. Furthermore, as soon as my editor and I started discussing me doing this piece, my laptop's hard drive broke (as in so dead they had to take it out of my computer and replace it with a new one). Funny joke, Universe! (Not.)

Lynne says that's another telltale sign of someone with a high degree of psychic ability.

"When we have all these experiences with electronics and metal, it is our psychic energy running wild -- like wild horses running through the mountains and fields," she says. "Then if we start to rein in that energy and focus that psychic energy on some kind of creative or psychic work, the energy has a place to go and a job to do and has no more time to flail around wildly breaking everything it can get its energetic hands on."

Ummm ... guess I'd better work on trying to contain that. Best Buy extended warranties only get you so far. 

Taking all that into account, Lynne concluded that I could very well be psychic. But the only way to know for sure would be for me to study with a reputable and tested psychic and mediumistic teacher. 

In other words, I am still not going to call myself a psychic or hang out a shingle. But the knowledge that I'm not crazy and the validation from a respected source definitely has made me feel okay about saying, "I suspect that I might have psychic ability."  

Now it's just up to the spirits and me to get along!

What about you? Ever wondered if you might be psychic?

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