Second Health Care Worker Who Treated Ebola Victim Tests Positive for Virus

The Ebola outbreak nightmare continues. Just a few days after Nina Pham -- a nurse who treated deceased Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan at a Dallas hospital -- tested positive for the virus, it has been confirmed that a second health care worker who treated Duncan has also tested positive for Ebola.

The patient's identity has not been released, but she is reportedly being quarantined at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, which is the same health facility where Duncan and Pham were diagnosed. This marks the third case of Ebola diagnosed within the United States.


The latest patient reportedly lives alone without pets. Health officials say she was placed in isolation within 90 minutes of finding out she was running a fever. Unfortunately, she was one of 77 health care workers who treated Duncan, and hospital officials aren't sure if she'll be the last to contract the virus. As a precaution, they have reportedly placed all of the workers, as well as 48 people those workers have come into contact with, on watch for 21 days to ensure they don't develop Ebola symptoms.

Like Pham, the patient was wearing protective gear when she treated Duncan. According to CDC Prevention Director Tom Frieden, there was a "breach in protocol" while the man was undergoing treatment, but it isn't exactly clear what happened -- or didn't happen -- at the hospital. Some of the hospital staff say they were only given head-to-toe protective gear and that the day Duncan arrived, they were only wearing hospital gowns.

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Duncan, 42, died in Dallas last week, despite receiving the experimental drug Brincidofovir. Pham is reportedly feeling well, thank god. Let's hope health officials can contain this outbreak before it claims the lives of others.

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