7 Kitchen Workout Moves You Can Do While Cooking Dinner! (PHOTOS)

woman with barbell in kitchen, kitchen workoutsThink you don't have time to get fit? Think again! A kitchen workout -- something you can squeeze in while you finish making dinner -- is a great way to get those muscles toned while also making a meal for your family. Big win!

Squats while you saute? Yes, please! Calf raises while you chop? You can do it!


Even better: those little bouts of feeling the burn while manning the burner can actually add up. In fact, a recent study from Oregon State University showed that the health benefits gleaned from small amounts of activity -- even as small as one- and two-minute bursts that combine to equal 30 minutes per day -- can be just as beneficial as longer bouts of physical exercise when it comes to improving health, minimizing metabolic syndrome, and preventing high blood pressure/cholesterol.

Plus, it will also improve your waistline if you keep busy during dinner prep with something other than taste-testing!

With that in mind, check out these quick-and-easy moves you can do while waiting for the oven, microwave, or heck ... even the pizza delivery guy. Because seriously, who said the kitchen was just for cooking?

Take a look at the slideshow of kitchen exercise moves below and then tell us: Do you have any tricks for fitting your workouts in?


Image via iStock.com/BreatheFitness

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