Subway Commercial Makes Halloween Worse Than Bikini Season (VIDEO)

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If you've been breathing a big sigh of relief because "bikini season" is long gone, and now you can dig into fall comfort food delights without worrying too much, think again, ladies! Because there's a whole DIFFERENT season we need to be keeping our diet in check for: costume season! Obviously!

Subway's latest commercial warns women (yes, just women) that we oughta be eating healthy if for no other reason than maximizing our shot at looking hot in the many slutty Halloween costumes available to us this month. No kiddin'!

Check it out.


Oy. Tongue-in-cheek, to be sure, but troubling all the same. 

The fact that women are supposed to throw all progress out the window and be fixated on looking like sex objects every Halloween is obviously an issue. If every Halloween is Slutoween, what about the men folk? As Jezebel pointed out, shouldn't guys worry about staying in shape, too? Or is this the 1950s when only women were supposed to be body-conscious?

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This also serves to highlight this ridic message we send that we all need a Big Event or Special Occasion or other ominous threat (even if it's total fiction) to be motivated to eat healthy. That it shouldn't just be something we do on the regular, because it's what's best for vitality, period, the end. It's that very message that leads to yo-yo dieting and eating disorders and a whole bevy of toxic effects. Agh!

Really, it's just enough already. Women don't need to be fearmongered into dieting. And geeze, if we are, they could at least try to threaten us with more than the fear that we won't be able to squeeze into our choice of "Sexy Witch" or "Hot Devil" get-ups.

How do you feel about this idea that we need to worry about dieting for "Slutoween"?


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