10 Foods That Can Help Fight Breast Cancer (PHOTOS)

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Preventative medicine is a major theme of breast cancer awareness. We hear a lot about getting screened on the regular and being informed about signs and symptoms, both of which are hugely important, of course. But so is eating right. Diet has actually been shown to have some seriously powerful medicinal properties when it comes to staving off cancer.

"Foods that are rich in healthy fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, and that are low-carb can slow the growth of any cancer, not just breast cancer," notes naturopathic doctor and holistic nutritionist Christina K. Major, MS, ND, owner of Crystal Holistic Health Consulting.

foods that fight breast cancer

Click below to see some of the best, science-backed breast cancer-fighting powerfoods, and then tell us:

Which of these do you already cover in your diet, and which do you think you'll shoot to get more of?

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