'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky Called 'Disgusting' for Her Weight in Cruel Rant

Ali Fedotowsky

Ugh. File this one under depressing and icky. Former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky got fat-shamed by a Twitter troll who called her "disgusting" because of her weight. Say what?!

Wait 'til you see what the mean girl who unleashed the nasty attack wrote -- it is seriously cruel and just out-and-out ridiculous -- and how Ali responded.


"For God's sake you're on TV. Loose weight," tweeted @SamiaNikkhah. "Your arms & waste look disgusting!"

Aside from the fact that "Sami Nikk" can't spell to save her life, she's also obviously NOT a nice person -- to put it mildly. Luckily, the beautiful Ali took the high road and then some, putting her hater in her place with class and grace with a simple one-liner:


Girlfriend just won the Internet with that response!

Needless to say, Ali looks amazing, so the comment was nothing short of laughable, aside from being unnecessarily offensive. Regardless of whether you are a size 0 or a size 22, as long as you are a size YOU, that's all that matters.

Plus, if being a size 4/6 is considered fat these days, COUNT ME IN!

Ali is one of those rare TV stars who's confident in who she is and what she looks like and doesn't cave to pressure to be an unrealistic size for her frame or build. And doesn't she seem like such a sweet, down-to-earth, fun woman too? The type of friend you'd love to meet for a girls'-night-out dinner, not only for the animated conversation but precisely because she seems comfortable enough in her own skin to enjoy a good meal without guilt and make whoever is in her company feel the same way?

That kind of attitude -- especially on the part of a public figure -- goes such a long way in an age where fat-shaming has become a sad pastime and so many women and girls still struggle with body image issues. Made even worse by all the ways the petty, catty, and downright evil can bully each other online.

So bravo, Ali, for cutting off this silliness so perfectly. It's just simply beneath you.

What do you think of Ali's response?

Image via Ali Fedotowsky/Instagram

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