2 Holistic Tips for Cold Relief


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06-07mom's tissue cozy.

Oh my goodness, my cold just won't go away. I'm so tired of the sore throat, runny nose, stuffed up head and tiredness. When I feel this way, I'm willing to try anything.


Unfortunately, not hanging out with children--i.e. my little germ factories--is not an option.

So I was glad to read 2 holistic tips for cold relief in the news this weekend.


Drink a hot fruit cordial. In the United Kingdom, when you're sick, you might get a hot fruit cordial (fruit juice concentrate with water) where here in the U.S., you get chicken soup. Researchers at The Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University found that the hot cordial provided immediate relief from cold symptoms like cough and sore throat, according to a story on ABC News. I tried it, and it did make my throat feel better for at least 30 minutes. Hot black currant juice is supposed to be the best remedy, according to grandmothers in England and Finland. I'd love to try it if I can find it at the store.

Take those contacts out. Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that removing contacts when a cold is coming on can reduce redness and irritation in the eyes, which can make cold symptoms worse. Not wearing contacts could even keep your cold from lasting as long. I have to admit, I did wear my contacts a lot last week--maybe that's why I'm still sick. I have my glasses on today, definitely.

If you're looking for remedies for common problems like a cold or an upset tummy, here's a nice list of natural remedies from a recent post in lilmamaxx's journal. I didn't know parsley can help clear congestion. Or that turmeric can help if you get food poisoning.

Do you have a home remedy for colds? I'd love to hear.

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