10 Ways to Work Out Without Even Meaning To (PHOTOS)

woman running with her dog

If just hearing the word "workout" is enough to make you want to stick to the couch, you're not alone. Having one more form of "work" is the last thing most of us need! The good news is that getting your fitness on doesn't always have to be so formal.

"Picking up around the house, moving from sitting to standing, and playing active games with your children are all activities that serve to strengthen our muscles without feeling like you are working out!" says Angeles Burke, A.F.A.A. certified group fitness instructor and fitness director for energy drink Celsius.

One of the main reasons they offer such a great payoff: "Your core muscles remain activated when doing these activities," she explains. (Stand up tall and think about engaging your core instead of rounding your back or slouching for the best results, Burke advises.)

And, as it turns out, many everyday activities you're already doing double as a weight training and/or cardio workout!


gardening workout

Check out some of the top calorie-burners and muscle-toning daily to-dos below, then tell us:

Which of these everyday activities have you noticed a fitness payoff from?

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