Get Your Post-Baby Body Back Into Shape With These Brilliant Workouts (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Sep 16, 2014 Healthy Living

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Remember your body before the baby? Miss it? Even if you lose the pregnancy weight quickly after the delivery, pregnancy has a way of rearranging your parts. Know what I mean? You've been stretched. You're puckered. Your belly button is not where you left it nine months ago.

And when people talk about getting back into shape? SIGH. You just feel tired.

Well help is on the way: Celeb trainer and pregnancy fitness expert Andrea Orbeck created 7 postpartum workouts perfect for getting YOU back into shape -- starting with your belly! Check out these simple but effective exercises in this slideshow.

What are you doing to get back into shape after the baby?


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  • What Your Post-Baby Body Needs


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    First up: ABS! Everyone wants a flatter, toned stomach. But here's another bonus: Having strong abdominals can help prevent those chronic back pains we moms tend to get -- especially those of us who spend a lot of time holding our babies and breastfeeding. Orbeck's ab conditioning exercises are smart because they go beyond the belly, working your entire core.

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  • Single Leg Reverse Crunches: Step 1


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    To do single leg reverse crunches, start on your back with your legs up in a bent position.

  • Single Leg Reverse Crunches: Step 2


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    Then you lower one leg to the floor, slowly. Bring it back up and then lower the other leg. Repeat for a full minute.

  • Regular Crunches


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    Orbeck has some great advice for regular crunches: Don't pull on your neck! Instead, keep it neutral, slowly sliding the ribs into the hips using your abs.

  • Combined Crunches: Step 1


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    For combined crunches, start out on your back again, as with the single leg reverse crunches.

  • Combined Crunches: Step 2


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    Bring your knees and your elbows in together, and then slowly pull them back apart to your first position.

  • Stroller Squats


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    Ready for another challenge? You should see what Orbeck can get you to do with a stroller: thigh and butt-toning squats. Lower yourself down into a squatting position as far as you can go, and then slowly raise yourself back up. Be careful to lean back, not forward, over your knees.

  • Stroller Back Leg Lifts


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    For this exercise, lift one leg directly behind you, keeping the rest of your body straight. Try not to lean forward when you do these -- make your glutes do all that lifting.

  • Plus Several More Postnatal Workouts


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    That's just a sampling of the effective postpartum workouts Orbeck has created for women just like you. I could go on -- the "Simple Slouch Solutions" looks perfect for those of us with stiff shoulders! You have to check them all out.

    We're sure you know this already, but definitely talk to your doctor before trying any new exercises.


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