GOOD Male Birth Control Is No Longer Just a Pipe Dream for Moms


Tell me, ladies: How much would you love it if they made condom-free male birth control? You would probably love that harder and faster than anything in your entire life. Am I right? Well I'm happy to report that male birth control is just around the corner. Pass the lube! By 2017, something called Vasalgel could be changing your family planning game in a big way.

Vasalgel is non-hormonal, so you won't have to deal with any major mood swings from your husband. Sorry -- new major mood swings, I meant to say. And it's cheap; It should cost less than a doctor's visit. It sounds perfect, right? Well, almost.


Let me tell you a little bit more about this male birth control.

It's not a pill. Instead, it's a single injection of a contraceptive polymer directly into the vas deferens -- the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra. The polymer blocks the sperm from passing through the tubes, like a highly effective little soccer goalie.

Unlike the vasectomy, Vasagel is more easy to reverse. It's also a whole lot less scary. Instead of (GULP!) snipping, it's just a little injection.

And yet. It is an injection. Is it me, or do you foresee men being total babies about this? I mean, a big needle going right into the soft spot around their family jewels ... I think this may take some convincing.

But it's worth it, guys! Come on. We've been taking birth control pills, getting multiple depo-provera shots, playing with sponges, and having IUDs shot up our yonnis forever. We've gone to great lengths in the name of family planning. Isn't it about time you took one for the team?

Dads do so much more for their families now than ever before. They change diapers, they do dishes, they clean runny noses. This is just the next great step in evolution. Helping moms NOT have babies will help us relax and enjoy what you men do best! It's just one shot. One teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, eensie, weensie little shot. I KNOW a big guy like you can take it.

Do you think your husband would get the Vasalgel injection if it become available?


Image via Male Contraception Information Project

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