10 Amazing Sleep Hacks That Will Make You Feel Better Overnight

sleep hacksSleep is one of the most important things we do in a 24-hour period. Without sleep, we would wither away and go insane.

Unfortunately, it is also the one thing that often falls by the wayside. Who can sleep when there are TV shows to binge-watch, work to accomplish, laundry to be done, and children to tend to all day long? As parents, we especially get the short end of the sleep stick since we are often up with children at night or desperately clinging to the shreds of private time we get between their bedtime and ours.

Who could sleep through that? And yet, we know how important sleep is. We know that so many diseases and problems are prevented by getting proper sleep. The question is, how do we do it? We gathered 10 sleep hacks guaranteed to get you the rest you deserve. How delicious!


sleep hacks

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1.) Wake up at the same time every morning. If you want to train your body to get up naturally without needing an alarm, first you need to actually decide what time that is. My grandfather swore by writing the time he needed to get up on his forehead with his finger. He used it during WWII and never missed a call. Some people do the same thing, only with taps. They tap their forehead six times to get up at 6 a.m. and so on. It works! I've tried it.

2.) Prepare your bed. About a year ago, my husband and I made the life-changing decision to buy a new bed. We went from sleeping in a full my parents gave us 12 years ago to sleeping on a king-size high-end mattress where you can choose your firmness on each side. It changed everything. Our quality of sleep has never been higher. Invest in good pillows and a good mattress!

3.) Stop eating carbs and protein at night. Our sleep cycles are linked to how we eat. Indigestion can wake us up. To sleep well, watch what you eat after 6 p.m.

4.) Stop drinking coffee. It's a vicious cycle, people! We drink coffee because we are tired and we are tired because we drink coffee. Give it up! You'll be shocked how easily you can crush the caffeine dependency and how quickly your sleep cycles will regulate.

5.) Drink hot tea or take a hot bath. Your mom was right on with the warm milk and bath. It's relaxing. Once we implemented the policy of baths before bed, my baby started sleeping through the night. It's the ritual. It's the warmth. Adults need it, too.

6.) Take a 20-minute nap. Any longer and it will disrupt your night sleep, but a short nap around 3:00 in the afternoon can actually rejuvenate you and help you ease into sleep better later that night. Who knew?!

7.) Block out the light. If there is light filtering into your room, it might be disrupting your sleep -- even if it's from a street light. Put on a sleep mask, get some blackout shades, and then it's zzzz.....

8.) Exercise in the morning. Research shows people who wake up and work out sleep better at night. What are you waiting for? Lace up and go!

9.) Turn off the TV. Contrary to popular belief (husband, I am looking at you), the television does us no sleep favors. In fact, it hurts us. Turn that tube off and go to bed!

10.) Go into another room. Experts say when you can't sleep, you should head into another room to do something relaxing rather than tossing and turning in your bed. It changes the channel, so to speak, and resets your body. Totally trying this next time I am unable to snooze!

Sleep matters, people. Getting enough of it is crucial to our health and well-being. Every one of us could benefit from better-quality rest. Now, go forth and slumber!

Do you have trouble sleeping? What tricks do you have?

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