CVS Yanks Cigarettes & Tobacco From Shelves Earlier Than Promised

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Smokers are steaming this morning after CVS delivered on their promise to remove cigarettes and all tobacco products from their pharmacies across the country. The major drugstore chain had announced back in February that this landmark change was a'comin', but of course plenty of people said they would believe it when they saw it. Well, we better believe it now!

CVS actually ended up accelerating their timeline for the removal of smokes by nearly four weeks. Talk about not kidding around!

Not that we ought to be surprised. CVS's vow to do this made perfect sense from the get-go. When they first announced their intention to eliminate tobacco from their stores, they explained that it was the "right thing" for them to do "to help people on their path to better health. Put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose."


Cheers to that. It only makes sense on the basis that a drugstore is supposed to provide products that bolster our health. (Sure, there's been some tongue-clucking about whether this means junk food and soda belong on their shelves, but maybe they're NEXT to go!?)

As controversial as the choice may be, there's one thing no one is going to argue with: It's a landmark move with potentially HUGE downstream effects. Just as California was the first state to do away with smoking in restaurants and bars and various other states followed in its footsteps, CVS may be just the first in a long line of dominoes to fall. Other retailers could soon follow suit and stop selling tobacco too.

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In turn, the limited availability of cigarettes will hopefully -- fingers crossed -- encourage hold-out smokers to just give it up already!

No wonder the American Lung Association is thrilled. They've even established a celebratory hashtag: #MakeTobaccoHistory. Only time will tell if CVS's move will do just that. But we can certainly take heart in the direction we appear to be moving in.

How do you feel about CVS's move? Do you hope other retailers follow suit?

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