8 Easy Exercises Moms Can Do at the Playground (PHOTOS)

Carly Pizzani | Aug 23, 2014 Healthy Living
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  • Plank Twists


    You already know you can do a plank anywhere, so to make it a more challenging abdominal workout, use the elevated surface of the bottom of the slide for a plank twist. Start in a hand plank, hands on the sides of the slide. Keeping the straight line of the plank, take one hand off and slowly rotate to the side, until your hand is up in the air, and you are in a side plank. Return slowly to start, then do the same thing twisting to the other side.

    Targets: Abs, obliques

  • Inverted Row


    Inverted rows -- where you are using gravity and your body weight to 'row' yourself up -- are a great way to build up strength if you're not able to do unassisted pull-ups. Hold onto the underneath of an angled ladder, or underneath a handrail, then row your chest up to the bar, keeping your body in a straight line. Tip: The more horizontal your body is in the start position, the harder this exercise becomes.

    Targets: Lats, traps, rear delts (back), and biceps

  • Leg lifts


    While you can use and high bar to hang from and do leg lifts for an awesome abdominal exercise, using the hanging monkey bar handles ups the intensity that much more. Your abs will definitely be firing, not only from the leg lifts, but from having to stabilize the swinging motion created by the wobbly handles. The easier variation is pictured here, using a bent knee leg raise. If this is easy for you, progress to straight leg raises. 

    Targets: Abs, hip flexors.


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