6 Beach Workout Moves You Can Do Without Leaving Your Towel (PHOTOS)

beach blanket workout, beach workout, woman pushups beachVacation! Yay! Sun, surf, lying out instead of working out.

Ummm ... no. Unless you want to come home 10 pounds heavier, adding activity to your otherwise lazy time is a good plan (read: multiple pina coladas by the pool will go to your butt if you just sit on it the whole time).

"While you're on vacation, you might be consuming more alcohol and food than you normally do," says New York Sports Club instructor Melissa Morin. "Fitting in a good sweat session keeps your metabolism working, and helps you burn off the extra calories."

If you're at the beach, walking or running on the sand is a great way to get cardio (the unstable surface challenges your muscles in new ways). Or just try these toning moves demonstrated by Morin for a little "beach blanket workout." Exercise you can do without even leaving your towel? Sign us up!


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Do you have any special vacation workout moves of your own to share?

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