Britney Spears' Underwear Shot Is the Best She's Ever Looked (PHOTO)

britney spearsWow, this is what happy, healthy, and confident looks like. Britney Spears posed in her undies for a photo shoot recently and then posted an un-Photoshopped take on Instagram. "Amazing amazing shoot with @jefflipsky today! Been working hard this summer! So ready to bring it for the next round of #PieceOfMe shows next week," Spears said in the caption. And you know what? Britney's hard work really shows in this photo -- but not just because she's got flat abs.


We've seen Spears' weight go up and down over the years, and it always seems like it's when she's going through personal turmoil that she puts on weight. I think a lot of women can relate to that. Britney seems to be in a good place these days. She's in a stable relationship with Mr. Nice Guy, David Lucato. She's performing in Vegas. And she's about to debut her new lingerie line.

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And she's carved out room to work out. Spears doesn't look model-skinny in this photo, just fit and healthy. She's got some muscle tone and a bold, confident smile. No matter what the results, there's a kind of comfort in your own skin, a kind of pride you get when you've been working out consistently. Spears has got it.

I'll take Brit's strong-is-the-new-skinny photo over any Photoshopped or plastic surgery-enhanced thinspo selfie any day.

But what's maybe not so obvious is the unseen work Britney's probably been doing for her mental health. Did you notice how relaxed and self-possessed she looks here? That's not something Botox can give you. That comes from hard work. So congrats to Spears for getting her game back. We love it.

Would you dare pose in your underwear for a photo like this?


Images via Britney Spears/Instagram

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