Super-Skinny Gap Model Sparks Massive Controversy (PHOTO)

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A frail and pale Gap model sparked a torrent of controversy after the ubiquitous retailer Tweeted a photo of the waif in a plaid shirtdress.  

The pastel frock wasn't the issue; the model's weight was. Those who saw the Tweet immediately urged the clothier to use "real women" in their ads. Others, demanding someone "get that girl some food," called the picture "terrifying" and likened her appearance to that of a "concentration camp inhabitant."

But one defender of the Tweet stated that his wife is incredibly thin and often the subject of ridicule because of her body. He stated that his spouse does not have an eating disorder but noted that, if she did, that would only make her feel worse. 

His assertion makes us ask: Isn't skinny-shaming just fat-shaming in reverse and equally as damaging?

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Because we're a society that places such a high value on being trim, it's hard to imagine when we see a skinny person that their slimness might not be by choice.

But just as a heavy person might wish to be lighter, a slender person may long to have a fuller figure.

Either way, hurtful comments like the ones aimed at the model and the clothing company didn't force the Gap to pull the Tweet.

We can't help but wonder if the chain had chosen a plus-sized model, would that, too, have caused a backlash, or would she have been embraced as more representative of "real women"?

Would you prefer to see more average-sized women in ads? 


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nonmember avatar Jocelyn

I think that asking if a plus sized model would gave gotten similiar backlash is an interesting question. I think that Gap would have been applauded for choosing someone who represented "real women" which is ridiculous. Society seems to have only 2 extremes-thin or overweight. I find it a little funny that the focus is always on the model's body instead of their clothes. It never bothers me since I always end up looking at the clothes. I'm also not a a fan of this dress. It's a little bland for me.

nonmember avatar adrien

Forget the model's weight for a moment. She has her shoulders hunched almost forward, she looks sad and depressed, and I don't see any pride in the clothes she is wearing. They also look loose and frumpy. Perhaps she is just naturally thin but I think they could have done a better job finding clothes and a pose to suit her.

nonmember avatar tami

I used to be that girl when I was young and I ate like a normal person. Not anymore.Don't worry people. When she turns 40-50 her body will fill out.

TheSi... TheSilence

My little sister has always been super skinny and she has taken a lot of heat about it.

She is healthy and active so I tell her to ignore the rude people.

Anna Potts

she is real! just because she is not you back off! im not a size 0 hell after my baby im trying to be happy at 5 but its not their fault they are skinny if it makes you feel bad fix your self.

careb... carebearkassi

Body shaming is body shaming- period! It's not okay to make derogatory remarks about thin people just like it's not okay to make derogatory remarks about heavier people. I do think this was horribly unflattering because the pose and dress just don't seem to sell it well, but that has nothing to do with her figure. I do wish that more clothing companies would use women of all body types though.

Brittney Spunky Peterson

not gonna say i wouldn't mind seeing more of a variety of sizes when it comes to advertising, but i don't really see the model as being a problem in this so much as that outfit is not at all flattering on her...shame on them for putting her in something so blah :(

Kelly Walters

I think it's the awful hair and dress that makes her thinness stand out.

Phoenix Matthews

I think fat shaming and "skinny shaming" are exactly the same. But i do think that these people should maybe choose a variety of sized models. Why not have at least one model representing every size of clothing you sell? How about that kind of agreement. Why is it always very skinny models. Are they the only attractive people in the world? Even overweight people can be models. That way every one can stop complaining. Plus the fact that this picture was probably altered to make her look more thin. They always do that.

Dolce... Dolcepsle

Oh FFS, there are girls that are naturally crazy skinny. My sister couldn't gain weight no matter what she ate. She was 5'7 and under 100 and I was 5'7" and 120 in our teens. We need to stop focusing on weight. Skinny, fat, and average girls are all sensitive to this bullshit.

Let's focus on the real issue her: Gap needs a new freakin designer and someone that encourages the models to maybe wash their hair ;)

Lighten up ladies. If you find her weight offensive, then you have body image issues all your own.

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