7 Things That'll Make You Feel Like a Kid Again (PHOTOS)

Things That'll Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Growing up, summer used to be my favorite season. I didn't have a care in the world. Nerd that I was, I even looked forward to diving into my required summer reading.

But when you're a mom, summers are a lot less carefree. Now, I think I'd have to enter the Federal Witness Protection Program if I wanted to read a novel for an hour uninterrupted.

But just because we have more responsibilities, that doesn't mean we should give up on experiencing some of the youthful fun of the sweetest season. As summer winds down (say it isn't so!), if you feel like it has lost some of the magic it had when we were kids, just remember, you have the power to change all that.

Here are 7 things you can do in these last weeks of summer to feel like a kid again!

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How do you recapture the magic of childhood summers?  


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  • Jump Off the High Dive


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    Each summer I jump off the high dive at least once. At first it was at the urging of my children, and lest I be called a "party pooper" or a "big chicken," I obliged. Even as what felt like a pint of water plunged up my nose and I experienced the biggest wedgie of my life, I had to admit, it was exhilarating.

    Now I look forward to that childlike feeling of excitement that kicks in the moment my size 9-and-a-half foot hits the first rung of the ladder. 

    It's kind of like a roller coaster, minus the long line. 

  • Catch Fireflies


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    Remember the magic of catching fireflies and watching them flicker in your mason jar or old Tupperware container? (With plenty of holes poked in the top, of course.) You can still create your very own light show. Just be sure to let them go when you're done!

  • Play a Board Game


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    Put down those devices and break out the board (or card) games. Boost your brain power with something challenging like Scrabble or have some fun with that summertime staple: Go Fish! 

  • Get Lost in a Book


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    Summer reading is so restorative. Is there anything better than taking a few minutes out of your day to kick back (preferably on the beach or in a hammock) with a good book? This is also a great time to enjoy either a hot summer romance or a long-put-off classic. Either way, have some fun and revel in the fact that no book report is required.

  • Fly a Kite


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    Running along the beach is a lot more fun when you're doing it for more than simply exercise. Soaking up the fresh air and taking in the blue sky is good for your mind and soul. Plus, keeping a kite aloft will make your spirits soar!

  • Row a Boat


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    Find a canoe, row boat, or other sea-worthy vessel and set sail. Gaze into the water -- you never know what you might see!

  • Eat Ice Cream


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    Forget about that diet for a moment and enjoy a frosty treat. Whether it comes from your grocery store, local frozen yogurt shop, or even the good old ice cream truck, doesn't the fact that it's summer somehow make ice cream taste better? 

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