Woman Says She Had to Get a Boob Job to Be a Good Mom to Her Baby

giant bra"I'm a better mum after having a boob job," claims 19-year-old Tamsin Wade, who took out a loan to pay for 32G implants. The young mother says her breast size went from D-cup to AA-cup after she had her son, and the dramatic change was so traumatizing, she was "'forced to wear baggy clothes to hide my figure." Wade adds, "Getting into a bikini made me feel so uncomfortable that me and Finley had never been swimming."

It's easy to mock a young woman who loses all sense of perspective just because her breasts are smaller. I mean, it's not like the boob police are literally forcing her to wear baggy clothes. And is being petite really so distracting that you can't focus on your job as a mother?!? But maybe we're being too hard on her.


I can understand how seeing your body undergo such a dramatic change could be a heart-sinking shock. I'm a little skeptical that Wade actually went from a D to AA. Maybe she went from a small B before pregnancy to a D during pregnancy and then down to a larger A? A lot of us have witnessed the waxing and waning of our breasts before, during, and after having a baby, and it's just one of many childbearing challenges to our sense of self-worth and sex appeal.

More than anything else, I'm sorry that we live in a culture that makes people like Wade feel so freakishly inadequate just because her breasts are smaller. Where did she get that idea? What else is NOT going on in her life that she feels like such a lesser person now? And how much did her boyfriend contribute to her insecurity?

The thing is, the confidence boost you get from cosmetic changes (like a boob job) is temporary and superficial. Real confidence comes from within -- it comes from an investment of real work. Wade has her mojo back now, but those breasts are going to sag over time. Her whole body will continue to change throughout her lifetime. And she could be one of those women who spends thousands getting nips and tucks her whole life. So long as she's surrounded by images and people who tell her that her only worth is in her body's shape, that will be her sad fate.

But maybe through the negative backlash (and boy has there been plenty), someone compassionate and kind will reach out and help Wade realize she needs to fix her head, not her boobs.

And anyway, speaking as member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee (I'm practically the president), I can confidently say small breasts are definitely sexy and, if this is important to you, there are plenty of men out there who agree. Ever heard the phrase "more than a mouthful is too much"? Most guys are just happy to have regular access to any pair, regardless of the size, so it almost doesn't matter what they prefer. What matters most of all is how you feel about your breasts. That's completely under your control, and best of all, it's free.

How else can your boost your self-esteem when having a baby changes your figure so drastically? Or do you think cosmetic surgery is justified in this case?


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