10 Weirdest Things People Have Seen At the Gym

woman drinking water at the gym
It doesn't matter whether you work out at the toniest spa-like gym or frequent a basement bargain dungeon. If you stay at any workout facility  long enough, you will see some gross -- and just plain ODD -- things. Like, for instance: No. You should not blow dry your pubic hair at the gym. Just FYI.

Yes, we all know we are supposed to wipe down equipment after use, but sometimes I feel like the only person who actually adheres to that rule. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But just how disgusting can it get? Personally, I don't spend a whole lot of time in the locker room -- I'm a get-in, get-out kind of girl. So the nastiest things I witness are usually related to sweat pools and unwiped stairmasters. We asked around, though, and some of the most horrifying things people have seen at the gym will shock you. Be warned: That which is read cannot be unread.


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1.) "I was once in a spin class where someone farted. It was so foul and horrifying and I thought I was going to vomit on the spot. Of course, then I was terrified everyone would think it was me! We all probably were. Ugh. I can still gag thinking about it."

2.) "I saw someone grate their foot calluses onto the locker room floor and leave the pile there.... I nearly vomited."

3.) "My husband says he sees guys hack into the sauna. Then they LEAVE it there!"

4.) "I saw someone use nair on their privates and walk around naked until it was time to wipe it off."

5.) "I saw this older man straight up picking his nose (two knuckles deep) while walking on the treadmill. He picked for a good five minutes, made a hand shaking/flicking motion, and then walked another 10 or so minutes grasping the handles. When he got off the treadmill he didn't wipe it down!"

6.) "I saw a male coworker wearing short-shorts (the 1980s variety) and knee-length gym socks, pulled up."

7.) "An old man used to come in these shorty-shorts and then proceed to do what he called a 'runner's stretch' by lying on the floor and putting one leg up in the air. It was full-on old man scrotum hanging out of his shorts. 3 times a week for 6 weeks. It was so awkward, the first time I saw it I thought our office was getting punked!"

8.) "My friend saw someone using the gym hair dryer to dry between her butt cheeks."

9.) "At one gym I went to, a guy about 70 years old used to walk around nude, wash his scrotum in the sink, then put one leg up on the bench, dry his scrotum with a gym towel and then lotion them up as casually as one would put on deodorant."

10.) "I saw a man talk off his fake leg, place it in his locker, then hop to the shower."

OK, so that last one isn't GROSS. But it is weird. And surprising. And also rather impressive. I mean good for that person for working out!

If you ever see me in the gym again, I'll be the one in the underpopulated corner wiping myself down with hand sanitizer.

Have you ever seen anything weird at the gym?


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