11 Wacky Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat of Summer (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Jul 22, 2014 Healthy Living

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Are you SO HOT this summer? You could spend more time indoors in the air conditioning -- IF you want to be just like everybody else. But maybe you'd like to cut your electric bill. Or maybe you're just so darn creative, you feel compelled to stay cool in refreshingly creative ways.

Well, today is your lucky day, because we have 11 weird, wacky ideas for chilling when it's hot outside.

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What creative ways do you know to cool off in the summer heat?


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  • 1. Eat spicy foods


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    It sounds counter-intuitive, eating HOT food to COOL down, but there's some evidence that this works. When you eat spicy foods, it raises your body temperature, which can make you sweat, which in turn can help you cool off faster.

  • 2. Eat coffee ice pops


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    Instead of drinking hot coffee, or even iced coffee, consume your brew completely frozen as iced coffee popsicles. Ooh la la, here's a fancy recipe for Vietnamese coffee popsicles. Do you even need a recipe? Brew some coffee, let it cool, pour into ice pop molds, and freeze. It ain't rocket science.

  • 3. Make an ice cube necklace


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    Why not string a bunch of ice cubes around your neck -- and why haven't I thought of this before? Here are instructions to make an actual ice cube necklace that will melt all over you through the day. For something less messy, use plastic ice cubes and nylons to make a frozen cooling necklace.

  • 4. Make a cold water bottle


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    You know how you can use hot water bottles to keep warm in the winter? Well, you can do the same thing in the summer. Fill a plastic water bottle most of the way with water and freeze. Then hold against your body. Wrap in a towel or pillowcase if it burns.

  • 5. Wear an ice vest


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    Yes, this is a thing. You can buy an ice-packed vest for a mere $61.12 (on sale!), which is still probably cheaper than using your AC.

  • 6. Slip ice cubes into your French braid


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    Loosely braid your hair, stuff with ice cubes, and then pin the ends of the braids to secure. Enjoy the sensation of cold water melting into your hot scalp.

  • 7. Run sprinklers under your trampoline


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    This is what we did as kids -- we ran a hose with a sprinkler under the trampoline. But actually, as an adult, this now sounds horrifically dangerous, so don't. Also, if you're jumping, you're going to get hotter. Never mind. (Psst, we loved it!)

  • 8. Cold bath


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    A cold shower is nice, but a cold bath feels even better. In fact, take a cold bath with a long, cotton nightgown on and then, when you get out, stand in front of a fan. Ahhhh ....

  • 9. Mist yourself with tea


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    Make a batch of chilled minty green tea and spritz yourself with it.

  • 10. Top off with solar-powered Western wear


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    The built-in fan will help you keep your cool all summer long.

  • 11. Pick a fight with your husband just before bedtime


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    That way you don't have to sleep with that heavy-breathing, heat-radiating mammal for once.

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