'American Ninja Warrior' Star Kacy Catanzaro Becomes First Female Finalist (VIDEO)​

#MightKacyRemember the name Kacy Catanzaro. She has just become the first woman ever in history to advance to the finals of the show American Ninja Warrior. If you have ever watched the show, then you know what an incredible feat this is, especially for a tiny little 100-pound, 5-foot woman. And yet that is EXACTLY what Catanzaro has done.

For those who have never seen it, American Ninja Warrior makes even Ironman competitors look like slouches. Contestants must complete insane obstacle courses that test every muscle in their bodies. It takes agility, speed, endurance, and incredible arm, core, and leg strength just to get to the competition. Awesome athletes fail. Regularly.

And that's why Kacy's historical run is so amazing. Even if you don't watch the show, this is so inspiring, both for women and for anyone who has ever been told they "can't." See for yourself:


Impressive, right? It brought tears to my eyes, in fact. After watching Navy SEALs fail this course, it's really something.

Of course, Catanzaro is a very serious athlete. The Towson University graduate is originally from New Jersey and has won numerous national gymnastics awards.

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Tuesday night the hashtag "#mightykacy" was trending on Twitter. Everyone was just blown away. She now moves on to compete on the finals course, and we will all be riveted, waiting to see what she can do. But honestly, she made it look easy.

As a mom of two girls, one of whom is a big fan of this show, I am just incredibly moved by this. My daughter often complains that she feels like the women on this show seem "less tough." Well, not anymore. My kid has herself a new heroine, and she's one I'm glad to back. Catanzaro is a fantastic role model, and I believe she can take it all the way.

Did you watch this? Were you inspired?

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