Jessica Alba Spills a Shocking Workout Secret Any Busy Mom Can Relate To

jessica albaJessica Alba used to be known as that pretty actress with a fired-up male fan base, all so quick to cite as their top celeb crush. But these days, the 33-year-old entrepreneur, founder of The Honest Company, has found a following in other women, especially fellow moms. Obviously, we all want to know how -- particularly while juggling a thriving career and two daughters, 6-year-old Honor and 2-year-old Haven -- she stays in such amazing shape.

The Stir recently caught up with Jessica at an event for ZICO Coconut Water in New York City,  and she shared what she really does to stay fit. Believe it or not, Jessica's confession is one even the busiest mom will be able to relate to!


When asked what her current workout plan entails, Jessica explained:

You know, I want to work out. I have intentions to do it. I just never seem to make it a priority. ... I'm not crazy about working out in general. I think it's really boring.

Ha! Well, that's not the first time Jessica has admitted as much. Back in 2012, she explained how maintaining her fitness wasn't nearly as important to her as spending time with her kiddos, and later told Women's Health that she "hates working out." Still, it sounds like she's identified a way to motivate herself: A campaign ZICO plans to kick off next month, which will challenge people to commit to a healthy regimen for 21 days. She explains that while she's not quite sure what her plan will be, she's psyched to get involved:

I just want to do something for 21 days. Just to see if I can, you know, cuz unless there's like a goal, and you're setting a goal, I don't know, it's hard to stick to it. Because you feel like there's no accountability.

So true ... Setting a specific, realistic goal is most definitely a way to stay committed to any plan. A few other ways to promote accountability and fit that workout in:

  • Have a workout buddy. Maybe you trade your workout details with a friend -- or several friends! -- via Fitbit. Or you text one another after you've worked out. Posting pics from your workout on Instagram or Facebook could have your whole social network cheering you on.
  • Schedule your workouts. Put it in your calendar as you would a doctor's appointment, and you'll be less inclined to skip it.
  • Sign up for a class or event. Knowing you forked over cash for a yoga Groupon or that you need to be training for a 5K that is in a month or two could give you even more incentive to find room in your day for added activity.
  • Carve it into your day. Making exercise part of something you have to do -- or want to do -- any way can help. Think running around at the playground with the kids or doing some heavy lifting while working on chores around the house.

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When all else fails, Jessica turns to the TV. She admitted:

If I'm going to go to the gym, or [use the] treadmill at my house, I put on hip-hop music, and I do sprint intervals. I do 2 minutes of sprinting, and then, walk for a minute. I do all different things, because I get bored. Usually, while a television show is on ... It could be Steve Harvey. It could be CNN. It could be Ellen. It's whatever is on TV at the time.

In other words, Jess does what she's gotta do to get it done. But it seems like finding a way to make your workout feel like more fun than work certainly doesn't hurt either!

What's your personal trick to squeezing your workout in?

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