Husband Tries to Divorce Wife for Gaining Too Much Weight

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There are many good reasons to seek a divorce. But is this one? A man who wanted to divorce his wife for putting on weight has been denied. NO, the court said, fat is not grounds for divorce. The husband claims that his wife gained weight rapidly shortly after their wedding and he was unable to enjoy the, ahem, intimate privileges of married life with her after that. (They're remaining anonymous.) He also says she refused to get medical treatment despite his pleading. And he's upset because she never told him about the breast reduction surgery she'd gotten a few years prior to the marriage.

Is this husband giving you the angries? Well wait, there's more to this story.


The husband told the court that "Due to overweight respondent had black skin near sex organ and signs of injury. I was shocked to see the physical condition of respondent and could not perform sexual relations with her voluntarily." Her what had what?!? Okay ... I'm going to just take a guess here and say that maybe the woman has some hormonal skin pigmentation that's probably still within the realm of normal, and her husband is being kind of a weenie about it. But signs of injury ... that just makes me sad. What happened?

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By the way, the reason she had breast reduction surgery is because she'd had a rare case of hypertrophy of breast. That's when a pubescent surge of hormones makes your breasts grow much larger than normal, and it comes with a skin condition. Sounds like this woman was struggling with serious medical issues.

Meanwhile, upon questioning the court discovered that not only had the wife initiated sex, but they'd had intercourse, so apparently her condition (or his hangups, however you want to see it) did not prevent them from having sex after all.

But yeah, this marriage is pretty much over even though the court won't grant a divorce for reasons of weight gain.

This is in India, by the way, where laws are different. And even though we know way more about this couple that we probably want to know, it's pretty clear we still don't have the whole story.

I mean, given the hypertrophy, the sudden weight gain, this poor woman sounds like she needs medical attention, you know? And it kind of makes you wonder how the husband was handling it all -- like maybe if he'd been sincerely concerned with her health they could have taken on her issues together, as a team.

But if he came at her with disgust rather than compassion no wonder she refused medical treatment. He's pretty much treating her like a defective toy you can just return to the store! She was probably hurt and defensive. As much as I believe that spouses owe it to each other to take care of themselves and keep fit, love and kindness need to come first.

What do you think -- are you ever justified in divorcing your spouse because they gained "too much" weight?


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