Want Jessica Simpson's Legs? Try These 6 Moves (PHOTOS)

Carly Pizzani | Jun 21, 2014 Healthy Living
Want Jessica Simpson's Legs? Try These 6 Moves (PHOTOS)

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson has always had amazing legs, no matter what weight she’s been. She's also never afraid to show them off in everything from shorts to mini skirts. We've seen a lot of leg and we've ALWAYS wanted more.

While genetics obviously plays a (large) part in her lean, shapely legs, she's also obviously spent a lot of time in the gym as well. Recently this mom of two has kicked (ha!) it up a notch with her diet and exercise. It’s definitely paid off. I wonder if we'll be seeing her in a short wedding dress for her upcoming ceremony with fiance Eric Johnson?

If you want to know how Jessica sculpted her legs to look this good Check out these six fantastic moves that can help you sculpt your way lean, too. Maybe you'll be rocking your own Daisy Dukes soon enough.

  • Sumo Squats


    The Sumo Squat is a great way to incorporate your adductors -- your inner thighs -- in your workout. With a wide stance, and toes angled out about 45 degrees, push your hips back into a squat. As you come back up to standing, you should feel this move in your butt, hamstrings, and yes! your inner thighs. You can do this exercise holding a kettlebell at your chest, or with a barbell behind your shoulders.

  • Jessica Simpson's Awesome Thighs


    Image via Todd DC / Splash News

    Fact: Lean legs do lots of lunges. There's no question that lunges are a big part of Jessica's workout routine. Check out the next slide for a lunge exercise that takes up the intensity a notch.

  • Walking Lunges


    There are so many variations of lunges, but walking lunges are a great way of not only targeting your butt and legs, but also your abs, which are working to keep you stabilized as you lunge. With a dumbbell in each hand, and torso straight (pay attention to your posture!), lunge forward with one leg, then go straight into the lunge with the other leg. If this is too difficult for you, or you have an issue with balance, try stepping your feet together between each lunge.

  • Deadlift


    Deadlifts are one of those amazing full body exercises that shouldn’t be skipped. Not only are you working your lower body, your lower back, and your upper body are also being targeted. For perfect, safe deadlift form, you want to hinge from your hips with a neutral back. Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades, keeping your shoulders back, and thrusting your pelvis forward quickly as you come up holding the weight.

  • Jessica Simpson's Ripped Quads




    Image via Allan Bregg/ Splash News

    Image via Allan Bregg/ Splash News

    Do you want to get ripped quads like this? The amazing muscle definition Jess has on the front of her thighs is testament to a LOT of hard work on her part. Check out this next move to really target your quads.

  • Bulgarian Split Squat


    Bulgarian split squats are amazing for targeting the quads. Stand about three feet in front of a bench, with your back to it, and the ball of one foot resting on top of the bench. Then lower into a split squat. When you’ve finished your reps, switch legs to do the other side.

  • Curtsy Lunges


    These curtsy lunges are great for working your glutes, particularly your gluteus medius and minimus, which are on the outside of your hip. From a standing position, take your right leg and step back and across to the left, coming down into a squat as your foot touches the ground. Put your weight into the right leg to push yourself back up to your standing position. 

  • Jessica Simpson's Killer Calves


    Image via Veronica Summers / Splash News

    She designs shoes, so it's no surprise Jessica loves to show off her amazing calves in sky-high heels. Try the next exercise to make your own calves look as incredible as Jessica's.

  • Calf Raises


    While all of these exercises are also working your calf muscles, it doesn’t hurt to add some calf raises into your workout, if you’re looking for more definition. Calf raises are an exercise better done standing, and once they get difficult, you can add weights for more resistance. Keep an eye on your feet and ankles, and make sure you are not rolling in or out as you raise up and slowly lower on the balls of your feet.

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