Oil Pulling Will Totally Transform Your Life

Oil pulling may be having a moment, but it's long been a practice in ancient India to promote allover wellness and healing. The idea is that by gargling with a high-quality vegetable oil for several minutes each day, you can detoxify you body. The thinking is that the oil literally "pulls" away nasty stuff that could be making you feel sick. These little gross guys include fungus (cringe), bacteria, and other foul toxins out of your body, your mouth, and your life. Whoo hoo!

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The benefits seem to be so good that they justify gargling a mouthful of oil. Not only do you feel healthier, but fans of the treatment also say you look better. A lot of people feel no more need to brush their teeth. They report teeth whitening, smoother, clearer skin, and other benefits. So okay, the time has come to try this. How exactly do we do this? Never fear, we're here, and we've broken it down into 6 easy to follow steps.

Have you tried oil pulling?


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balan... balancing-act

Do not spit the oil down the drain like the picture! Spit it in the trash to save your plumbing

nonmember avatar skippper

I thought you were supposed to use coconut oil for this?

nonmember avatar Flo

I've been pulling for about 3 months now and I can testify it is as good as it's advertised to be... I use organic virgin coconut oil and I've noticed (amongst other effects) whiter teeth and more resistance to allergens like pollens! Couldn't recommend it more!


Have never heard of this.

nonmember avatar Sabra

You can use any healthy oil, olive safflower or coconut. It depends on your preference. I enjoy the way coconut smells. You can also melt coconut oil before you start pulling if textures bother you. It doesn't change anything but the state of the oil. But like balancing-act said...DO NOT SPIT IN YOUR SINK.

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Use any oil you like, EXCEPT EVOO.  It will turn your teeth a greenish yellow.

nonmember avatar anna

i have been oil pulling for months & my teeth feel so clean and are whiter. I use coconut oil, just put it in microwave to liquify it. amazing.

nonmember avatar sandy

I have tried it, and while I can vouch for its effectiveness at removing residue that brushing and flossing do not, I also can say that I have stopped oil pulling. Why? Two words: gag reflex! I was able to try it 5 or 6 times with coconut oil, with only a slight sense of gagging. But then it increased and became a regular occurrence. Something about the viscosity of the oil, and the way smell and taste are in cahoots, resulted in the gagging issue. Back to Crest and Oral-B floss, with a Listerine swoosh: ah, fresh and gag-free.

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

Is this real?? I can be a little naive sometimes, but am willing to try. But the thought of it makes me gag a little and feel fatter even though you spit it out! 

Uncer... UncertainHopefl

I have 100% extra virgin olive oil, will that work as good as coconut?

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