Oil Pulling Will Totally Transform Your Life

Oil pulling may be having a moment, but it's long been a practice in ancient India to promote allover wellness and healing. The idea is that by gargling with a high-quality vegetable oil for several minutes each day, you can detoxify you body. The thinking is that the oil literally "pulls" away nasty stuff that could be making you feel sick. These little gross guys include fungus (cringe), bacteria, and other foul toxins out of your body, your mouth, and your life. Whoo hoo!

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The benefits seem to be so good that they justify gargling a mouthful of oil. Not only do you feel healthier, but fans of the treatment also say you look better. A lot of people feel no more need to brush their teeth. They report teeth whitening, smoother, clearer skin, and other benefits. So okay, the time has come to try this. How exactly do we do this? Never fear, we're here, and we've broken it down into 6 easy to follow steps.

Have you tried oil pulling?


Image © Laurence Mouton/PhotoAlto/Corbis

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