Gwyneth Paltrow’s Comments About Water Are Pretty Terrifying

Gwyneth Paltrow on energy Gwyneth Paltrow makes it so hard to defend her, and God knows I try. But her latest issue of GOOP makes it darn near impossible. No, she isn't advocating another cleanse or trying to sell us all $400 T-shirts. If it was something like that, I'd be all, "WHATEVER I LOVE HER STILL." Gwyneth has crossed into another realm of weird with this one -- she basically believes that water has feelings.

That's right. The stuff we bathe in, drink, and where we leave our pee. It's got feelings. I don't. I can't. Brain explode. Paltrow cites the work of this dude Masuru Emoto, who literally wrote a book talking about how yelling at water or being nice to it changes its chemical make-up. It's natural Paltrow would find this intriguing. She's all about how energy can impact matter. Emoto's work supports her belief. The problem here? I feel like Emoto's findings are almost guaranteed to be 100 percent untrue.


I may not be a water-scientist, but let's be real -- water's been around a long time. Some might say forever. If it had emotions, isn't that something we would've clocked by now? Plus Emoto's attitude toward his own research is a bit cagey. He had a chance to get a million dollars if he re-created his research and he mysteriously decided not to. FISHY FISHY.

Bad science aside, what Emoto's positing and Paltrow's supporting could potentially be dangerous. She's a beautiful, influential celebrity -- there are, like it or not, people who turn to her as a role model. Someone might take her well-intentioned curiosity about 'energy' and turn it into a way of life. You know, BY NOT DRINKING WATER. Talk about deadly consequences. This is why she should think before she GOOPs.

Do you think Paltrow's gone too far?


Image via Donato Sardella/Getty

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