91-Year-Old Woman Runs 26-Mile Marathon Like It's Nothing (VIDEO)

If you've been putting off getting to the gym because you're too old to start a workout routine, well, just shut up! Because 91-year-old Harriette Thompson just finished a 26.2-mile marathon. Are you listening??? She's 91! Not only that, she finished it in seven hours, seven minutes and 42 seconds, which means it takes her about 16 minutes to cover a mile. Hello, it takes me ten! And I couldn't go on to do 25 more miles if you paid me five million dollars -- though I would certainly try. But there's more!


Thompson is not only almost a century old -- she has cancer! Are you listening?? A 91-year-old woman who has cancer just finished a marathon.

What is your excuse?

Despite being recently treated for skin cancer on her legs -- which she needs to run, mind you -- Thompson raised $90,000 for charity by finishing the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon. She also set a record for 90-94-year-old women, beating the last record holder by an hour and a half. But there's more!

Thompson didn't start marathon running until she was 76 -- yes, about the time most of us are retiring to our favorite comfy living room chair, never to get up again.

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Just watching her give an interview, this does not seem like a 91-year-old. She has the presence of someone in her 50s. Sure, she is obviously old -- but that smile, that glow, she speaks with verve and authority. It's quite amazing and inspiring.

If you're sitting around thinking that you want to get in shape, but it's too late for you -- think of Harriette! By the way, Harriette wants to beat her own record next year. I think she will!

Do you plan to exercise into your later years?

Image via ITN/YouTube


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