9 ‘I’m Sorry’ E-Cards You Wish You Could Send After a PMS Meltdown (PHOTOS)

Ladies, have you ever behaved in what you might describe as a "slightly irrational manner"? Have you ever eaten an entire bag of potato chips chased with an Oreo Blizzard? Have you ever found yourself sobbing in front of a laundry detergent commercial? Have you ever looked at the calendar and thought to yourself, Ohhhhhh, RIGHT?

For those who know what I'm talking about, I've got some handy-dandy apology cards that you can keep for those special occasions. You know, the occasion that happens every month, right on schedule, and yet you always forget about it until afterwards when you realize the reason you were a bloated sack of emotional WTF was all thanks to Mother Nature. For those tender moments, here are 9 deeply sincere e-card apologies for those PMS-driven life choices with which we can all identify.

Images via Someecards


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