Women Look ‘Down There’ for First Time & Their Reactions Are Hilarious (VIDEO)

women see vaginas for first timeIf you're a woman with a vagina, maybe you've checked out the lady between your legs before. Not that you'd ever TELL anyone that! But maybe you haven't. You aren't alone. In fact, there are some adult women on this planet who have never actually even seen their vaginas! Their reasons run the gamut. For some it hasn't been physically possible, some had bad experiences that left them scarred and wary. YouTube's own Davey Wavey set out to introduce some of these women to their vaginas.

Davey put out a call on craigslist.org seeking women who'd never seen their own nethers. He interviewed them, gave them a hand mirror and some privacy, and videotaped the results. When this video started making the rounds, I have to say I was initially skeptical. Was this just an opportunity to take advantage of vulnerable women? What I saw was pretty surprising -- and very touching!

Some of the stories are sad -- one woman describes a man's awful reaction to seeing her vagina for the first time, another woman was raped. But some of the stories are quirky and cute, like the woman who just avoided it because she thought she was becoming a nun. The thing that was the nicest was that across the board, the gals were HAPPY with what they saw.

I think looking at your own vagina should be a mandatory part of sex ed. How else are you really supposed to know what's going on down there? I think encouraging women to check out what they're packing could nip a lot of problems involving sexual confidence right in the butt. Guys look at their business constantly. Women should start doing the same. Loving your body means looking at your body means understanding your body. Can I get an amen?

Were you surprised that some of these women had never looked down there before?


Image via wickydkewl/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Jenna

This is crazy to me.

nonmember avatar me

I think I had pulled out a hand mirror by the time I was 10 lol Just wanted to see what it looked like. I still occasionally look around to make sure everything looks good and healthy. Sometimes I get an ingrown hair and then I spend a lot more time looking down there lol

nonmember avatar Ari

"I got some steam on the mirror." then the way they took the mirror back, LOL

Cris Kemp

I would agree with the articale but believeing this is a private thing to do an that being said the video should not have been done, but it is not for me to judge, that's the man up stairs job.

Wileen Byroads


BGarcel BGarcel

This video brought goodness. I'm sure the man upstairs is cool with it.

nonmember avatar G.

what amazes me is that everyone calls "down there" the vagina. You can't see your vagina; it's an internal tube. What you CAN see is called the vulva, and you can see that only if you spread the LABIA, which are what most people see and call the vagina. End of anatomy lesson.

nonmember avatar Colette

Actually, all of the parts together make up the vagina. Yes the vulva and labia are outside and what we see, but the "internal tube" is called the vaginal CANAL, not just the "vagina". Thanks for the anatomy lesson though. On another note, sad to know some women don't check themselves out.

nonmember avatar Kim Brown

Eve Ensler created the vagina monolgue years ago based on hundreds of interviews with women n the same issue. It was a great way to have women learn more about themselves. Everyone should take a peek at the monolgue. It's very empowering!

Luluw... Luluwatermelon

Let me get this straight, a MAN put up an ad on craigslist to ask women to look at their vaginas for the first time? And nobody thinks that's creepy or wonders where the other camera is?

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