6 Arm Exercises to Tone Up Your ‘Bat Wings’ (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | May 30, 2014 Healthy Living

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You know what I don't love? Bat wings. You know, that flabby hammock of skin that can hang down from your arm? You go to wave at someone and feel a breeze by your ear -- and it's your bat wings, flapping away. Darn you, bat wings! That is so not cool. And the worst of it is that they can show up on you regardless of your weight.

To a certain degree, bat wings are just part of life. Over time you lose the elasticity in your skin and gravity takes over. However! A little toning in your triceps and deltoids can help minimize that unhappy overhang. So if you're looking to get your arms more tank-top-ready, here are 6 simple arm workouts that should get you into shape. "But I don't have any hand weights, and I don't have time to buy any, and I don't have time to go to the gym." You don't need any special equipment for these exercises, and you can do them just about anywhere!

a woman flexing her biceps


Images via ggvic/Flickr (top) and ©iStock.com/Camrocker (bottom)

  • Arm Circles



    This one is from a good, 7-minute arms workout by Tracy Campoli. I like the whole thing, but these arm circles are especially good.

    For arm circles, hold you arms out straight and circle them forward several times until you really feel it; then circle them backward several times. Start with small circles and then do larger circles to work your whole arm.

  • Egyptian Arms


    Tracy Campoli/YouTube

    Start with your arms by your sides, and then raise your elbows to make right angles going out straight from your shoulders, as you see here. Then lower, raise again, and repeat until you start to cry.

  • Reverse Egyptian Arms


    Tracy Campoli/YouTube

    Start again with your arms at your side. Now raise your palms flat toward the ceiling, then down, then back up again. Repeat until you cry for your mama.

  • Elephant Ears Step 1



    For this arm workout from an eHow video tutorial, start by touching your fingertips to your temples with your elbows out to the sides. Push your elbows back as far as you can so you can feel your shoulder blades moving toward each other.

  • Elephant Ears Step 2



    Bring your elbows in together so they touch in front of you (or almost touch), then back out again. Repeat until your shoulders cry out for mercy.

  • Inchworm Shoulder Press Step 1


    Joanna Soh/YouTube

    This is a fun arms exercise from a tutorial by Joanna Soh. Bend over onto your hands and feet. 

  • Inchworm Shoulder Press Step 2


    Joanna Soh/YouTube

    Raise one hand up, then down a little bit further up from you. Then raise your other hand up, then down a little bit further up from you. Keep your feet in place as you do this. Inch your way up the mat, raising alternate arms.

  • Inchworm Shoulder Press Step 3


    Joanna Soh/YouTube

    Then inch your way back to your starting place, still alternating arms.

  • Tricep Dips Step 1


    Joanna Soh/YouTube

    With your back to a chair and your legs in front of you, grip the edge of the seat of the chair as you see here. You'll want to make sure that chair is super stable against a wall.

  • Tricep Dips Step 2


    Joanna Soh/YouTube

    Lower yourself down, then back up again. Repeat.

    What I like about these workouts, and especially this last one, is that they work out the whole body, not just the arms. And these trainers do stretches afterward as well. Remember, as with all our exercise posts, talk with your doctor before starting a new workout.


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