6 Arm Exercises to Tone Up Your ‘Bat Wings’ (PHOTOS)

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You know what I don't love? Bat wings. You know, that flabby hammock of skin that can hang down from your arm? You go to wave at someone and feel a breeze by your ear -- and it's your bat wings, flapping away. Darn you, bat wings! That is so not cool. And the worst of it is that they can show up on you regardless of your weight.

To a certain degree, bat wings are just part of life. Over time you lose the elasticity in your skin and gravity takes over. However! A little toning in your triceps and deltoids can help minimize that unhappy overhang. So if you're looking to get your arms more tank-top-ready, here are 6 simple arm workouts that should get you into shape. "But I don't have any hand weights, and I don't have time to buy any, and I don't have time to go to the gym." You don't need any special equipment for these exercises, and you can do them just about anywhere!


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Images via ggvic/Flickr (top) and ©iStock.com/Camrocker (bottom)

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