One Way to Lose Those Last Pounds

Photo by heather-bear

Fat rolls are cute on Baby. Not so hot on Baby Momma. Personally, I cannot get these last 7 pounds to budge. Desperate for advice that will burn off my flat tire, I found this article from The Diet Channel on Successful Weight Loss: Top Ten Tips on What Works and Why.


I know a lot of the information in this article, but it's always good to be reminded of it. Yes, I should be eating smaller portions, and I should be exercising 30 minutes at least five times a week. I do these things, mostly.

The one tip I don't adhere to, however, is about lifting weights three times a week. Supposedly, the more muscle I have in my body, the more fat I'll burn as I go about my day.

I hate lifting anything heavier than a cookie, to be honest.

But starting very soon, I vow to get to the gym and give it a try. How do I start? Does anyone have any tips to get me psyched about weight lifting?

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