Your Favorite Drink Could Already Be Helping You Lose Weight

diet soda WILL help you lose weight! Diet soda is a tricky little beast. I'm sure you've read stories about the artificial sweeteners they contain that can actually make you GAIN weight rather than losing it. Don't go chucking your favorite diet sodas just yet, though! Because a new study put a whole new spin on the ol' diet rigmarole. Turns out, if you suddenly start eating well, and exercising, cutting out your diet soda can actually hinder your weight-loss process.

This was music to my ears since I am a rabid diet soda-swiller. Not because I'm perpetually watching my figure (unless you count watching it to see how awesome it is), but just because I like the taste. This new study made some pretty stellar points in favor of keeping your favorite diet sodas well-stocked. Three cheers for soda! It is the greatest! Hip, hip hooray!


The study in question followed two groups of dieters. Both groups were put on similar weight loss regimes including a change to the number of calories they were consuming and an increased exercise program. The only difference between the two dieting factions? One wasn't allowed to drink soda, and one was.

The results were surprising. The group who banished the muchly maligned diet cola from their diets actually lost less weight than the soda drinkers! The working theory is that without the intense sweetness of diet sodas, the dieters sought out other ways to slake their sweet-toothed cravings.

It kind of makes a lot of sense when you think about it! Of course they had cravings! Anyone who has successfully lost weight in the long-term can tell you that forbidding yourself from eating something forever only makes you want it more. Moderation in all things, that's the real key.

Are you a diet soda addict?


Image © VICTOR DE SCHWANBERG/Science Photo Library/Corbis

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