13 Motivational Quotes to Turn Your Personal Setback into a Comeback

Sheri Reed | May 19, 2014 Healthy Living

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Unfortunately, failure and setback are part of every person's journey through this life. No way around it. Gotta go through it. However, just because folks are experiencing a personal setback of sorts -- whether it's a breakup, a divorce, job loss, financial pitfalls, or just hard times in general -- it doesn't mean they are forever doomed to live beneath the pile of tissues and twisted sheets and dirty laundry they have buried themselves under. 

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It's important to remember that the setback is just where a person is right this minute. It's not where these folks will always be. All people have a moment where they feel like they've failed or that they've dug a hole too deep to crawl out of, but in the end everyone does. And though it is a cliché, time does mend a lot problems. Sometimes patience is all we need to make it through our darkest moments, and maybe the right words to guide us. 

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So c'mon. Try to straighten out of the fetal position. Maybe even lift a few of those snotty, tear-soaked tissues and walk them to the wastebasket. That's it. Baby steps. Baby steps can lead to a very real comeback. Girl, it's gonna get better! And here are 13 inspiring quotes to light the way.

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