Woman Loses 130 Pounds to Become a Hooters Waitress

There are always going to be mean people in the world who think it's within their right to say inappropriate things to you -- whether you're overweight, underweight, or the perfect weight. Cearra Swetman was out to dinner a year ago when she had the misfortune of running into a big jerk who felt compelled to remark that the Hooters chain restaurant T-shirt she was wearing should not be worn on a girl her size. Cearra weighed almost 250 pounds at the time. Instead of telling him to mind his own beeswax, she used his comment as inspiration to drop a remarkable 130 pounds. Good for her! But what she did after losing all of that weight makes me a little sad.


Throughout the year, the Florida woman shed pounds by adhering to a sensible diet plan and by keeping one goal in mind: to become a Hooters waitress.

Yep, Cearra used the tipsy stranger's rude comment as fuel to do the one thing he pretty much told her she couldn't do. On the one hand, you have to admire her resolve. You could easily argue that it doesn't matter why she chose to lose weight and get healthy -- that the important thing here is that she did it for herself and so what if she derived inspiration from scantily clad restaurant servers? Is this really any different than pinning photos of thin women or hanging a picture of Beyonce on your StairMaster to get you moving your butt faster? Probably not.

But there's also something in this story that reminds me of being in high school and watching certain girls change their appearance and do things to get the attention of boys who clearly don't deserve them. I love that Cearra feels great about her body now but wish she didn't feel she has to work at Hooters to prove anything to herself.

But I get it. It's none of my beeswax -- same way it was not that stranger's place to comment on this woman and her body and life choices.

She sounds like a pretty awesome person, to be honest. She's working toward her degree in business and recently cut off her long brown hair to support her sister in her fight against breast cancer. AND her attitude toward the man who made that comment to her is pretty inspiring -- instead of being angry at him, she is thankful to him for being honest with her.

Can't say I'd be quite as forgiving, but hey, Cearra is proof that the best revenge is looking good and being healthy.

What do you think of this woman's decision to work at Hooters after losing 130 pounds?


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