Idiot Judge Thinks Wearing Spanx Can Stop Us From Being Raped

rape charge dismissed because of spanxA rape charged dismissed because of Spanx? No, this isn't a terrible joke. This is the world we live in, and for one woman, the consequences are truly heartbreaking. An unidentified woman who reported a rape in 2012 recently discovered that her case would never have its day in court ... and that her underwear was partially to blame.

I'm sorry, but that makes me physically sick, ESPECIALLY since rape convictions overall? Yeah, they're going down. That's not good news for anyone. It's stories like these that make women even more terrified of coming forward to report assaults. 

Another contributing factor in this woman's case being dismissed? The fact that she was in a relationship with the man she accuses of raping her. Acquaintance rape is such a hot button issue with people, but the simple truth remains: Consent doesn't care if you're dating someone. Consent doesn't care if you're married. One type of rape is not "worse" than another. They are all terrible. 


The legal powers that be weren't shy when it came to telling the victim why they had made their decision. In addition to pointing out text messages between the two parties, they said, "I have also considered your account of the incident, particularly bearing in mind the type of underwear that you had on at the time." I'm sorry, but what in the name of all that is holy?!

Leaving the obvious head-slapping awfulness of this behind for a second, let's look at this logically. Let's say you were to make the argument that Spanx can protect someone from rape. I don't know if the parties in question have ever seen a pair, but uh, many of them are crotchless! EVEN IF THEY WEREN'T, rape isn't an act about sex -- it's an act about anger and control. If someone wants to rape you, even underwear designed to be a chastity belt can't be guaranteed to stop them.

Do you agree with the court's decision to drop the charges?


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