Women Trying to Get Pregnant Accuse Doctor of Sick Acts During Procedures

There's a special spot in hell reserved for people who prey on others at their most vulnerable. If the allegations are true, one fertility doctor from Massachusetts deserves the book thrown at him for reportedly sexually molesting female patients for over a decade when they visited his office searching for help in becoming pregnant. Dr. Roger Ian Hardy is under investigation and has surrendered his medical license after 18 witnesses, including nurses, fertility experts, and colleagues, came forward to make claims that the 55-year-old touched his patients in a sexual manner while they were under his care.


Rumors about Hardy's behavior have been thrown around since way back in 2004. At that time, a Massachusetts patient came forward to accuse the doctor of trying to "stimulate her sexually" while she was half-sedated during a fertility procedure. Hardy insisted three assistants were in the room at the time and the case was dropped. He continued to be able to practice in Massachusetts, as well as Maine, New Hampshire, California, and Rhode Island.

Things really began to fall apart for him when his staff started to come forward and describe the craziness they were seeing in his office. One female specialist said a patient confided in her in 2011 that Hardy had stimulated her sexually and then insisted it was a necessary part of her procedure.

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Other staff members claim he touched a sedated woman's breast during an egg retrieval procedure. At first, nurses said they didn't want to come forward because they were afraid of losing their jobs. Luckily for his patients and victims, a few brave staff workers paved the way for many others to share what they had witnessed.

It's important to note that Hardy insists he did nothing wrong and that he "takes patients' hands" before they go to sleep because "that's the way" he is. He deserves to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. But boy, if he did use and molest women who trusted him and put their faith in him when they felt most vulnerable, it goes without saying that he should feel utterly ashamed and deserves the most severe of punishments for his actions.

Does this story make you think twice about trusting male doctors?


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